1. Lord of our life, on this glad day,

Praise we Thy name, and humbly pray

That grace divine and godly fear,

May crown; the labours of the year.


2.The best and highest glory, Lord

Help us to seek; Thy strength afford

With noble toil and joyous praise

Gladly to fill our round of days.


3.Let Central’s sons afar who dwell

In distant homes, the chorus swell;

Bless Thou their toil, and bind as one

Those present here, those long since gone.


4.Teach us to serve the land we love,

Steadfast for truth, all things to prove;

Bid us in dark or light to stand

In honour firm, a chosen band.


5.Teachers and taught may wisdom guide,

Through all the years with us abide;

Let this our college ever be

Home of one pure fraternity.